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JBT Online Information System
1. The system enables all JBT teachers to fill up their
personal data (name, address, age, status of health etc.),
their educational qualifications data (including
uploading of scanned copies of original documents),
their service data (current posting or deputation; last
postings; ) and other data like achievements (state
awards etc).
2. The system shall generate a unique identity number for
the JBT teacher which he shall use in all
communications/service matters with the state
3. The teacher can update his status from time to time.
4. Teacher can keep a copy of the data he has entered by
printing it out.
5. The teacher has to send a printed copy duly verified by
head of the school/BEEO/DEEO to the Directorate of
Secondary Education i.e. the Technology Officer in office
of DSE.
6. For any queries related to the MIS system kindly send
your query on email to

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