Mid day meal (MDM) instructions ,RULES in Haryana

Mid-day meal (MDM) instructions, RULES in Haryana

Mid-day meal (MDM ) cooking cost 
MDM cooking cost


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Mid day meal ( MDM )

Mid-day meal ( MDM ) for 10 month not for 12 month
Mid day meal ( MDM )

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Mid day meal ( MDM )

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Mid day meal ( MDM )

Mid day meal instruction by DEEO jind


Overview: Under National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education, is a Centrally sponsored Mid Day Meal (cooked food) Scheme to provide cooked food to the children of Primary Classes (I-V) and Upper Primary classes (VI-VIII) in all the Government, Local Bodies and Government Aided Privately managed Primary Schools which was launched in the entire State on 15th August 2004. This Scheme has been implemented vide the orders passed on dated 20-4-2004 by the Hon’ble Supreme court. This scheme was extended to Middle schools in 2008. The main objective of the scheme is to boost universalization of Primary Education by increasing enrollment, retention and attendance and simultaneously impacting on nutrition of students of primary classes. Under the scheme, free food grains (Wheat/Rice) is provided by the Govt. of India through Food Corporation of India @ 100 grams and 150 grams for primary & upper primary children per school day. Freshly cooked food of these cereals are provided to children.
Under this Scheme the school children are being provided ten recipes of cooked food viz Vegetable Pulao, Paushtik Khichri, Dal Chawal, Kari Pakora with Chawal, Rice & Black Chana/ White chana with also, Missi Roti and Seasonal Vegetable, Wheat Halwa with Black Chana, Wheat-Soya puri with vegetable, Roti & Dal Ghiya/ Kaddu, Sweet Dalia. School heads has been asked to distribute any of the above-mentioned recipes to the children having 450 calories and 12 gms proteins for primary stage and 700 calories and 20 gms proteins for Upper Primary stage are provided on all school days with the condition that a particular recipe should not be repeated within a week.
In the year 2014-15 from Ist July 2014, the cooking cost per student is Rs.3.59 for primary & Rs.5.38 for Middle schools respectively. The cost of expenses so incurred will be shared in the ratio of 75:25 between Center & State. In addition to this an honorarium of Rs. 2500/- per month is being paid to cook-cum- helper, in which center share is Rs. 750/- & state share is Rs. 1750/- per month. The work of preparing and serving of Mid Day Meal to the children has been given to the Self-Help Groups. In the district Faridabad, Gurgaon, Palwal (except Hathin block) & Kurukshetra (except Shahabad & Babain block) Mid day Meal is being served by ISKCON a NonGovt. organization.

At present 30842 cooks are working under Mid Day Meal Scheme. This scheme is implemented in 9448 Primary and 5432 Upper Primary schools. In the Year 2014-15, the total Budget provision is Rs.29000.00Lac in which Center Share is Rs. 20000.00Lac and the State share is Rs. 9000.00Lac. The total Expenditure is Rs.11002.32Lac till now against the released amount of Rs.12183.72Lac (Adhoc+ unspent balance). In 2014-15 about 12.95 Lac children of Primary and 8.07 Lac student of upper Primary are getting the benefit of this scheme. All the instructions related to Mid-day meal are available on website www.nic.in.

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