Education Department Haryana Every topic & other important information

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Every topic of education department is here. This will help you find your query.
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    शिक्षा सारथी मैगज़ीन
    7th Pay commission
    What type of courses are equivalent to JBT course
    Ghapla in Education Department
    Other Important letters
    Special celebration programme in school

    1. पेपर में नक़ल के लिए स्कूल हेड और चेकिंग अध्यापक जिम्मेवार
    2. शिक्षक योग्यता के मुताबिक सीनियर व जूनियर कक्षाओं को पढ़ाने से इंकार नहीं कर सकेंगे
    3. Haryana GK
    4. किसी भी ऑफिस में 7 दिन से ज्यादा नही लटकेगा मामला
    5. Income tax (सैलरी कर ) भुगतान सी डी बनवाने के लिए टीचर से पैसे नही लिए जा सकते .
    6. हरियाणा स्कूल में मोबाइल प्रयोग पर लगा प्रतिबंध
    7. स्टेशनरी  , वर्दी  , स्कूल बस्ता खरीद के नियम 
    8. Extra education permission
    9. English elective clarification
    10. Additional increment and acquiring higher skill/degree/qualification
    11. RTE student pass-fail rule
    12. New admission, SLC, Readmission Student promote guidelines session 2016-17
    13. Important Instructions regarding CCE, Admission,Bank account, CWSN,PTM meeting
    14. Joining guidelines of long absent employee from duty
    15. Relieve DPE and Master from exam center superintendent posts
    16. Character verification and job
    17. Two degrees at same time period clarification by UGC
    18. Cutting rule in admission withdrawal register
    19. Date of birth correction rule
    20. HBSE various perfomas / forms
    21. Earned leave for vacation work Admissibility of earned leave as a consequence of working in vacation
    22. School student not to participated in public program or function
    23. 7 days absent name struck off original letter
    24. Election duty not for handicap -Haryana
    25. No pay without teachers diary - Haryana Govt schools
    26. Contract employee maternity leave 6 months
    27. no need of civil surgeon permission
    28. Neelam Rani step up case
    29. DDO power to Newly appointed Elementary Middle Head - letter
    30. Grant of refundable advance of Haryana Govt. employees include all personal religious ceremonies
    31. salary object head 01(as per rule not for guest teachers)
    32. Original letter-Who will in charge of the school!
    33. Chief minister school beautification marks/criteria
    34. सेवाकाल के दौरान मृत्यु या लापता कर्मचारी के परिवार को मिलने वाले वित्तीय लाभों के बारे में हरियाणा सरकार के नियम।

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    Education Department Haryana Every topic & other important information