Haryana Mid day meal rules and letters

*Haryana Mid Day Meal (MDM) rules*
Cook age- https://goo.gl/uDp2ww
MDM is to Zila parishad- https://goo.gl/9FNBBn
MDM incharge- https://goo.gl/G4pVhc

Menu/recipes- https://goo.gl/z396vi
How to discharge a cook- https://goo.gl/VTtgZh
Maternity leave- https://goo.gl/sZodY2
Cook food in Kitchen- https://goo.gl/SxH9Gm
Food supervision and Lab checking- https://goo.gl/9wfrpf
Cooking cost- https://goo.gl/BRSLhc
How to send MDM detail by mobile- https://goo.gl/NvsN1u
MDM for 10 month not 12 month- https://goo.gl/jM4iU2
MDM Lab checking every month- https://goo.gl/RdGgeH
Every month 3rd Tuesday Tithi bhojan- https://goo.gl/kzCbaB
Not to relieve MDM cook- https://goo.gl/oSb4iN
Cook salary- https://goo.gl/yRYW56
MDM cylinder subsidy- https://goo.gl/PDC5Lg
MDM bartan- https://goo.gl/PLWA2m
Teachers are not for MDM- https://goo.gl/RSQVzu
Gooseberry(Amla) in MDM- https://goo.gl/3jEKsd
No junk food- https://goo.gl/3tTBaU

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  1. Sir I want to know if there are Punjabi teacher, skt teacher ,drawings teacher and other c and v teacher then to whom mom uncharged in charge should be given


thanks for your valuable comment

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