kuk datesheet for UG & PG and other courses

kuk datesheet- KUK Located in Kurukshetra, the land of the Bhagwadgita  Kurukshetra University is a premier institute of higher learning in India. It is spread over 400 acres of land on the south bank of the holy Brahmsarovar. Its foundation stone was laid on 11 January 1957 by Bharatratna Dr.Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Indian Republic. Since then it has aimed at pursuing excellence in teaching and research in science, technology, humanities, social sciences, performing arts and sports. 
kuk datesheet

KUK datesheet for UG PG 2016

 Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 M.Sc. Computer Science (Software) Part- II (Annual  System) Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 BDS Part-III & IV Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 M.Pharmacy 2nd Semester and B.Pharmacy Part-I, III & IV Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 Certificate Course in Fashion Designing and Punjabi (Annual  System) Theory Exams. June, 2016.
23-05-2016(113) Date-sheet for B.Sc (GAG) 2nd Semester (Old 2010-11) Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 BTM Part-II, PGDTHM Part-II, B.Sc Health & Phy.Edu. & Sports Part-III, B.A. Mass Communiction Part-II, B.Sc Information Technology  Part-III, M.P.Ed Part-I (Annual  System) Theory Exams. June, 2016.
20-05-2016Date-Sheet for MBA-2nd semester Comp. Viva-Voce (CP-208) examinations for fresh/Re-appear candidates to be held in May/June, 2016
 Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Education (PGDEE), MA.Environmental  Education (Part-I&II), Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (PGDJMC), M.A. (Mass Communication) Part-I & II (For Correspondence Course), Post-Graduate Diploma in Export Marketing Management (PGDEMM),  Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation (English & Hindi), Certificate Course in Computer Application (CCA), Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Part-II (PGDHRM)Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 Certificate of Proficiency in French/German, Certificate Course in Urdu, Diploma of Proficiency  in French/German, Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in French/German & Diploma Course in Urdu, Certificate Course in Effective Communication Skills, PG Diploma in Translation (Regular)
 Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 Master of Computer Science (MCA)/PGDCA/M.Sc. Computer Science  Part- I, II & III
 Theory Exams. June, 2016.
18-05-2016(108) Date-sheet for MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (M.B.A.) (Hospitality  Management) Part-I, II & III Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 Theory Exams. June, 2016.
Theory Exams. June, 2016.
 Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition Dietetics
 Theory Exams. June, 2016. 
 Theory Exams. June, 2016. 
 B.Sc. Interior Design 2nd Semester Theory Exams. June, 2016.
05-05-2016(8) Date-sheet of M. Tech Engineering 2nd Semester Theory Exams. May/June, 2016.

 Theory Exams. May, 2016.
28-04-2016(89) Date-sheet of P.G. Diploma in Fashion Designing Theory Exams. May, 2016.
28-04-2016(88) Date-sheet of M.A. Social Work 2nd & 4th Semester (Old) Theory Exams. May, 2016.
28-04-2016(7) Date-sheet of B.Tech Automobile Engg. 8th Semester Theory Exams. May, 2016. 
26-04-2016(85-87) Date-sheet of B.A. Hons. (Main Papers) II, IV & VI Semester Theory Exams. May/June, 2016.
26-04-2016(84) M.Sc. Applied Geology II & IV Semester and M.Tech. Applied Geology IV, VI & VIII Semester Theory Exams. May, 2016.
25-04-2016(83) Date-sheet of M.B.A. IV Semester (General)Old Syllabus Theory Exams. May, 2016.
25-04-2016(82) Date-sheet of M.A. Sociology II Semester (Old Syllabus) Theory Exams. May, 2016.
25-04-2016(81) Date-sheet of M.A. History 2nd Semester (Old Syllabus 2011-12) Theory Exams. May, 2016.
22-04-2016(1-6) Date-sheet of B.Tech Engineering & B. Architecture (Semester) Theory Examinations May, 2016.
21-04-2016Date-sheet for B.Tech Even Sem. Practical AprMay 2016-(1-25) PART - I
Date-sheet for B.Tech Even Sem. Practical AprMay 2016-(1-25) PART 2
11-04-2016Practical Date-Sheet B.A/B.Sc/B.Com-1st, 2nd & 3rd year of Annual system (Private, DDE, Re-appear & Additional candidates)
08-04-2016(74) Date-sheets of B.F.A. 2nd , 4th, 6th & 8th Semester Theory Exams. May, 2016.
08-04-2016(72-73) Date-sheets of B.Vocational 2nd and 4th Semester Theory Exams. May, 2016.
08-04-2016(71) Date-sheets of B.Com 2nd Semester (Old Syllabus)  Theory Exams. May, 2016.
06-04-2016(27-70) Date-sheets of UG/PG (Semester System)  Theory Exams. April/May, 2016.
06-04-2016Date-Sheet for Practical Examinations of B.P.Ed-2nd semester for Regular students
06-04-2016(21-26) Date-sheets of MBA (General),MBA (Hons), MBA (5years), M.Com, MTM, MHM, MHM & CT, M.Phill Tourism/Hotel Management and B.Pharmacy (Semester System) Theory Exams. April/May, 2016
01-04-2016Date-Sheet for Practical Examinations of M.Ed-1st semester (New Scheme 2015-2016) for Regular candidates to be held in April, 2016
28-03-2016(10-20) Date-sheets of Under-graduate (Semester System) Theory Exams. April/May, 2016.
22-03-2016Date-sheet of Practical Examinations of CP.ED-2nd year(Regular/Re-appear & Private Candidates
22-03-2016Date Sheet M.Com Distance Education Re-appear
21-03-2016(8-9) Date-sheets of OT/MIL, B.P.Ed, DSP and C.P.Ed/D.P.Ed Part-I, II Annual System Theory Exams. April, 2016.
14-03-2016(3-7) Date-sheets of B.A./B.Sc/B.Com/Shastri Part-I, II & III (General)Annual System Theory Exams. April, 2016.
11-03-2016Date-Sheet for Viva-Voce/Practical examinations of MCA-1st, 2nd & 3rd year for Re-appear candidates
10-03-2016(1-2) Date-sheets of B.A. Part-I & II (Compartment) Annual System Theory Exams.    April, 2016
09-03-2016Date-sheet for PGDCA Practical Examinations March 2016 only for Re-appear Students
08-03-2016Date-sheet for Special Practical Examination of M.Sc. (Mathematics) 4th Semester
02-03-2016Practical date-sheet for Certificate Course in Computer Application for the session 2015-16
02-03-2016 Date sheet of M.Sc. Computer Science (Previous & Final) 
29-02-2016 Date-Sheet of M.Ed (General) & M.Ed (Special Education) Ist Semester Theory Examinations, March, 2016
26-02-2016Date-Sheet of MBA-1st, 2nd & 3rd year practical examinations for Distance Education students
26-02-2016Date-Sheet of MBA (HM)-1st & 3rd year Viva-Voce examinations for Distance Education students
24-02-2016Revised Date-sheets of Annual System (Supp.) Theory Exams. March, 2016

Exam Notice
31-05-2016(44) Notification regarding BHM & CT Part-IV (Annual System) Theory Examinations June, 2016.
31-05-2016(43) Notification regarding MBA & PGDCA (Old Syllabus) Annual System Theory Examinations June, 2016.
31-05-2016(42) Notification regarding MA Social Work 2nd & 4th Semester (Old Syllabus) Theory Examinations June, 2016.
28-05-2016(41) Notification regarding Paper-201DE: Research Methodology of L.L.M. Part-II (Annual System) Theory Examinations June, 2016.
28-05-2016(40) Notification regarding re-exams in Paper-FM-403: Financial DErivatives of MBA (G) 4th Semester Theory Examinations June, 2016.
28-05-2016(38) Notification regarding P-Hons-204: Quantative TEchniques-II of MBA (Hons) 2nd Sem (Old) Theory Examinations June, 2016.
26-05-2016(37) Notification regarding Paper-MGA-1001 of M.Sc GAG 10th Semester Theory Examinations June, 2016.
26-05-2016(36) Notification regarding Paper-Yoga Nautropathy of B.A. 4th Semester  Theory Examinations June, 2016.
26-05-2016(35) Notification regarding M. Tech 2nd Semester Theory Examinations June, 2016.
20-05-2016(32) Notification regarding re-examinations in Paper MC-405 of Portfolio Mgt. of M.Com 4th Semester Theory Examinations May/June, 2016.
19-05-2016(31) Notification regarding M. Tech 2nd Semester Theory Examinations May, 2016.
16-05-2016(28) Notification regarding M.Tech Applied Geology 6th Semester Theory Examinations May, 2016.
16-05-2016(24) Notification regarding M.A. Political Science 2nd Semester Theory Examinations May, 2016.
16-05-2016(25) Notification regarding Paper Additional English of B.A. 2nd Semester  Theory Examinations May, 2016.
12-05-2016(20) Notification regarding M.Sc Computer Sc. (Software) 2nd Semester Theory Examinations May, 2016.
10-05-2016(18) Notification regarding re-examination in Paper MCG-301 of M.TEch 3rd Semester Theory Examinations May,2016.
10-05-2016(17) Notification regarding change of date of Paper Computer Awareness (Level-II & III) of UG Semester  Theory Examinations May,2016.
29-04-2016(16) Notification regarding change the date of Paper Sociology of BA 2nd Sem & HRD of BA 6th Semester Theory Examinations May,2016.
27-04-2016(15) Notification regarding date-Sheet of UG/PG (Semester System) Theory Examinations May,2016.
27-04-2016(14) Notification regarding date-Sheet of Paper Computer Awareness (Level-I, II, III) of BA/B.Sc/B.Com etc. 2nd, 4th, & 6th Semester Theory Examinations May,  2016.
26-04-2016(13) Notification regarding M.Sc Home Science 2nd & 4th Semester (Old) Theory Examinations May, 2016.
26-04-2016(12) Notification regarding BALLB 4th Semester (2015-16 Syllabus) Theory Examinations May, 2016.
26-04-2016(11) Notification regarding MBA (5Yr) 2nd & 4th Semester (Old)  Theory Examinations May, 2016.
26-04-2016(10) Notification regarding MBA (5Yr) 2nd & 4th Semester (Old)  Theory Examinations May, 2016.
26-04-2016(9) Notification regarding MTM 2nd Semester (Old)  Theory Examinations May, 2016.
01-04-2016Notification of Conduct practical examinations for U.G. Classes-6th sem

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