7 days absent name struck off original letter

7 days absent name struck off original letter

Subject : Guidelines regarding Student Attendance in Schools and
Monthly Assessments Tests.
It has been observed d";t;; District level inspections of schools
that there is a sharp difference between actual attendance and the student
enrolment in Government Schools. The Teacher Unions in their meetings with
the Department have also stated that parents of students who remain absent
often are not serious about their child's attendance in the school. It has,
therefore, been decided that the names of those students who remain absent
from schools for seven working days consecutively, will be struck off from the
admission register of the school. Such students will be registered in the
dropout category in a separate Register. Efforts will be made to bring such
students back to the schools. If these students re-apply for admission during
the academic session, the School Head shall admit them in the school
immediately. These instructions must be made known to all class teachers and
parents and adhered to strictlv.
2. As per the order No. G.o. No. 0rl2o14 dated gr.r2.2or4 and G.o.
No. 3/2015 dated I4.O5.2O15, monthly assessments tests were conducted in
all Government Schools of the State in the month of January, February and
March, 2015. The results of these monthly tests have been uploaded on the
website of the Department i.e. www.harprathmik.eov.in. The average number
of students who appeared in these monthly tests was 94o/o while 98% of the
schools uploaded the data on the Departmental web portal. A serious view has
been taken of the students who were absent during these monthly tests. It has,
therefore, been decided that the students who remain absent during the
monthly tests, will not be entitled to the benefit of scholarship/incentives being
provided by the Department w.e.f. the date of test which they fail to take. If a
student does not take the monthly test for a valid reason, he/she may reappear
in the test after requesting the class/subject teacher. Helshe shall onlv
be entitled for the scholarship/incentives when his/her test assessment result
has been uploaded by the teacher concerned after taking the monthly test.
3. Further, it has been decided that for the schools that do not
upload the monthly test results on the Departmental web portal timely, the
salary of the Schools Head shall be withheld temporarily and the same shall be
released only after the uploading of the test results as per procedures defined
in the Order No. G.O. OI/2014 dated 3I.72.2014. The School Head shall only
draw his/her salary after certiSzing to the DDO of the school that the monthlv
test assessment result has been uploaded as per instructions.

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