Joining guidelines of long absent employee from duty

General guidelines for joining in case of unauthorized absence by the employee
It has generally been that if an employee/teacher reports back for
duty after a long absence from official duty then, instead of allowing him/her to
join the duty, the head of school invariably seeks permission of higher authorities
whether to allow the absentee employee join the duty or not. It would also be
appreciated that due to high workload and other more important pressing
matters such permission gets delayed in ordinary course.
Consequently, many service days of such an employee get lost
which creates two situations. One, students get deprived of the opportunity
of availability of a teacher. Second, such teachers for whom the
permission is granted after a delayed decision also seek condonation of
delay as duty period on the ground that they presented themselves for the
official duty at an early date. The delay in granting permission being not
attributable to them. To avoid such unwarranted situations the following
guidelines are hereby given:-

Joining guidelines of long absent employee from duty

i) As long as, an employee is on the roll of the Government and he is not
suspended or removed or dismissed from the service his request for
joining duties cannot be turned down.
ii) If an employee absents himself/herself unauthorizedly from the office
then immediately thereafter his case should be referred to the Head
Quarter for disciplinary action.
iii) If any head of office deliberately denies joining duties contrary to the
mandate of the service rules then it would be treated as misconduct on
the part of such Head of School and he would be liable for disciplinary
action. Such Head of School may be required to bear the costs which the
department might be ordered to pay to the employee by courts on
account of denial/delaying of resumption of duties.
iv) For the period when the employee absents himself/herself
unauthorizedly and if later, he/she was discovered to have indulged in
any illegal activity then head of school would, in no way, be held
responsible for any such conduct of the absentee employee. Therefore the
head of school should not be afraid of the individual disciplinary conduct
of the absentee employee. Any illegality is always personal to an
These guidelines be adhered to in letter and spirit and in case of
failure stern disciplinary action will be initiated against the erring
official/ officer.

General guidelines for joining in case of unauthorized absence by the employee (Dated:16.03.2016)

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