किसी भी ऑफिस में 7 दिन से ज्यादा नही लटकेगा मामला Guidelines to field offices/schools regarding Work disposal and delay elimination (09.08.2017)

  • Medical bill, CCL, NOC, ACP case
  • यदि स्कूल हेड कर्मचारी की एप्लीकेशन प्राप्ति के 7 दिन में एप्लीकेशन पर अमल नही (fails to process the case) करता तो कर्मचारी एप्लीकेशन को सीधे BEO को भेज सकता है (ईमेल /कॉपी ).
  • यदि प्राप्ति के 7 दिन में कर्मचारी की एप्लीकेशन पर यदि BEO पर अमल नही करता तो कर्मचारी एप्लीकेशन को सीधे DEO/DEEO को भेज सकता है (ईमेल /कॉपी ).
  • यदि प्राप्ति के 7 दिन में कर्मचारी की एप्लीकेशन पर यदि DEO/DEEO पर अमल नही करता तो कर्मचारी एप्लीकेशन को सीधे निदेशालय को भेज सकता है (ईमेल /कॉपी ) School head, BEO, DEEO/DEO के कारण देरी प्रमाण (proof) के साथ .
  • निदेशालय 7 से 30 दिन के अन्दर इस पर एक्शन लेगा .
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Field offices are required to forward cases of various nature like ACP, medical reimbursement bills, Child Care Leave, NOCs to the Directorate for approval thereof. These cases are of direct concern to the teachers and need to be attended to as expeditiously as possible. Contextually, it is important to note that the Government of Haryana is striving hard to increase the satisfaction and trust level of the academic staff so that they contribute their maximum efforts towards the studies of the students. More transparent deployment of staff will not suffice to meet this objective of increasing satisfaction of teachers. This sole step will pale into insignificance if other hardships faced by the teachers in overcoming the roadblocks in the path of getting their service matters processed persist. The delay in work disposal in the field offices is alarming and in refusing to go away. In the past, many efforts at simplification of procedures have been made. In all meetings, conferences, it has always been stressed upon that service matters be attended to with full care. Inspite of this, the complaints are flying thick and fast that field offices, right from the school, are indulging in acts of procrastination. To come out of this quagmire, we have to adopt a path breaking procedure.
Hence, the following procedural as well as substantive guidelines:
1. A teacher or any other employee, seeking redressal of his grievance or applying for some benefit, shall submit his application to the school office. The application shall contain the full particulars relevant to such subject best known to the employee concerned. The school office shall enter this application in the diary register immediately. Upon receipt of it, a diary number shall be given to the employee concerned.
2. If the applicant employee faces any resistance, whether intentional or otherwise, in acceptance of his application by the school office, then he will be at liberty to send his case on the Email ID of the school concerned.
3. All cases which will originate from the school offices shall be processed within a maximum period of seven days.
 4. If the school fails to process the case of the employee within seven days, then such employee will be at liberty to send a copy of the same application to the BEO office. The BEO office shall presume that the particulars given by the applicant employee in his application had been verified by the school concerned, as the school had already been afforded a reasonable opportunity of seven days to counter the claims of the employee applicant. If in future, it is found that some particulars of the employee applicant were incorrect then the entire responsibility of vitiation of administrative process shall rest with the employee applicant as well as the head of school where the record was available.
5. The BEO office upon receipt of the applicant case shall process it within a further maximum period of seven days for its transmission, if needed, to the higher authorities.
6. If the BEO office fails to process this case within seven days of foregoing para then the applicant teacher shall be at liberty to follow the procedure of para 4 above, mutatis mutandis, for sending his application through Email or otherwise direct to the DEO/ DEE() office.
 7. The DEO /DEE() office shall process this case in the spirit of para 4 within a period of seven days. 8. If the DEO/ DEE() office fails to process this case within a period of seven days then the applicant teacher shall be at liberty to send his case to the Headquarter directly with the proof that the lower individual offices have already taken seven days each.
9. Headquarter shall presume that authenticity of the particulars in the manner of para 4. The action shall be taken or Headquarter shall be processed within a period of seven days to thirty days, depending upon the nature of the case.Else the concerned branch shall be held responsible for the delay.
10. In case any particulars of the employee were found incorrect later then the employee, the Head of School, the BEO and the DEO / DEEO of the relevant time of seven days shall be responsible.

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