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HCS eligible department list

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एडमिट कार्ड डाउनलोड नही हो रहा है तो जन्मतिथि में महीने और दिन को इंटरचेंज करके प्रयास करें.
नाम के आगे MR लगा कर प्रयास करें  

HCS form apply last date now 15 october 2015

हरियाणा सरकार के तृतीय श्रेणी कर्मचरियों के लिए सीधे HCS  बंनने का सुन्हेरी मोका 
जो भी टी जी टी या पी आर टी साथी सीधे एच सी एस बनना चाहते हैं, उनके लिए 


HCS most awaited news to come Govt. employee now can be directly promoted by Haryana Govt. to HCS post.

HCS Solved paper of Indian History held on 25th March 2012

     d) None of the above
10. Which of the following revolutionary and terrorist organizations had a large number of young
       women revolutionaries?
       a) Yugantar
       *b) Anushilan Samiti
       c) Bharat Mata Society
      d) None of the above
11. Under whose leadership was the Chittagong Armoury Raid organised ?
       a) Jatin Das
      * b) Surya Sen
      c) Ganesh Ghosh
       d) None of the above
12. Proficiency in which of the following games was rewarded and recognised by state of Vijayanagar?

hcs SOLVED* PAPER 25.03.2012

1. During which decade did the population record a negative growth rate in India
a) 1921-31

*b) 1911-21

c) 1941-51
d) 1931-41
During the decade 1911-21, a negative population growth rate of -2.91 per cent has been recorded due to outbreak
of epidemic (plague) and natural calamities.

2. Which Central Government Agency is responsible for the mapping and exploration of minerals?

*a) The Geological Survey of India

b) Surveyor General of India
c) National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
d) Indian Bureau of Mines

3. What is Gomia in Bihar famous for:
a) Coal Fields
b) Manganese Mines

*c) Fertilizer Plant

d) Explosive Factory
Jharkhand’s Biggest explosives factory situated at Gomia.

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